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Woodland Wellbeing

  Inside Out Woodland Wellbeing

Our Woodland Wellbeing sessions apply the fundamental principles of Forest School to a creative outdoor activity programme designed to meet the needs of adults, young people and children with mental health needs.

The forest is the perfect place to spend time among trees; a proven form of complementary therapy that can deliver health and wellbeing benefits. Mindful connections with nature can boost your immune system and encourage the release of positive emotions leading to feelings of contentment. Spending time outdoors and helping to nurture and conserve nature has many benefits:

  • reduces anxiety and depression
  • relieves stress and lowers blood pressure
  • improves sleep
  • builds confidence, resilience and self-esteem
  • increases attention, focus and concentration
  • builds empathy
  • improves learning and performance

Session outline

Inside Out Forest School works with children aged 5-11, young people aged 12 -16, and adults of all ages. Sessions focus on the restorative nature of the woodland to foster inner wellbeing through peaceful and creative reflection. Activities include:
  • bushcraft skills
  • eco-art
  • campfire cooking
A key aspect of woodland wellbeing is Social Forestry – an opportunity to build relationships and a sense of community through tasks such as campfire cooking, walking and exploring, and bushcraft skills. Social forestry sessions include some physical movement and meditative mindfulness encourage you to take time for yourself in the safe presence of other people.

Five ways to mental wellbeing

These steps have been researched and developed by the New Economics Foundation to identify that a social connection is critical for wellbeing.

  • Connect
With creation, friends and a shared community to enrich your mind and your outlook and to build supportive and relatable relationships.

  • Take notice
Discover the woodland and develop your curiousities. Swing in hammocks and gaze at the sky. Savour the world around you.

  • Keep learning
Try something new. Learn a new skill. Build a fire or carve a bushcraft tool and achieve new goals.

  • Be active
Exercise makes you feel good so walk, climb, paddle, explore the forest by moving around it.

  • Give
Smile. Laugh. Be thankful and join in. Share your experience and encourage your community.

New Venue - Woods for Hire

If you are interested in running any sessions from a private site, we have recently collaborated with a farm in Romiley, Stockport which has acres of land and a small patch of woodland which would be perfect to run Eco therapy sessions from. 

There is also accommodation on site for up to 10 guests. This would suit hiking parties, First Aid courses. Art/craft weekends, wellbeing retreats (yoga courses). 

 If you are interested, please get in touch with Esther via phone or email and we can give you more details.