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2021 Testimonials

"Words cannot express the depth of love that my children have for Inside Out Forest School. Esther and her team deliver a first class nature experience which simultaneously manages to nurture children's well being, independence, social and team skills as well the pure joy and fun of the great outdoors. I can barely tear them away - they cannot wait for the next one! "
Jane, Stalybridge
"Jakob (5 years old) had his first day in forest school in the worst conditions the Peak District summer can muster: gale force winds and sideways rain. I watched in trepidation as he and his new found teammates headed off into the woods. On pick up, a procession of beaming faces came marching up the track, full of stories of playing in rivers, owls, camp stories, games, marshmallows and hot chocolate.
Jakob's first words. "Can I come again tomorrow, I want this to be my school always".
I asked why. Jakob responded "I love being outside, there's so much to do".
Chris, Glossop
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Esther and The Team

2018 Testimonials

"Without doubt one of the highlights of the childrens summer. A real life adventure, full of wonder and magic. Esther & team create memories that will stay with the children forever."
Laura, leek
"Caelan loved forest school, and says it the ‘ highlight of his school holidays’ Caelan being a very outdoors little person, it’s perfect for him in every way. We sure will be back in the holidays."
Laura, Glossop
"We had two happy boys who have lots of fond memories...big thank you and we'll def book in again."
The Pickfords, Leek
"My daughter & her friend attended Inside out forest school, & they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, no two days are ever the same, Esther & her team put 100% effort into ensuring all the children are fully involved, & enjoy themselves. Excited to see what Esther has planned for next year"
Anne, Leek
"Inside Out’s camps are brim-full of heart, endless imagination and fun - they cram so much into the time and nothing is ever repeated, I’m amazed by all the ideas. My daughter was so nervous on the first day but was like a different child when I collected her, full of joy and enthusiasm and she slept like a log that night! Would recommend to anyone."
Sarah, Glossop
"It was great fun, I made new friends and it helped me explore the forest. I was sad that I was only able to come for one day. I didn't have a best activity...I loved them all. I've since picked more blackberries with my nanny and made apple and blackberry pie - thank you for the idea. I hope to be able to come back in half term."
"Hi Esther, I just wanted to let you know that Ava and Oliver have had the most amazing time at forest school on Friday. I have never picked my kids up from any holiday club to find them that animated and keen to tell me everything they had done. I think Oliver is your no. 1 fan! We will def be back in the hols, thanks so much, you really have provided glossop with something special."
Linda, Glossop
"My son absolutely loves Forest School - this time he went for one day and then decided to go back the next day without friends as he’s had such a good time. He comes home so full of everything he’s done and tired and mucky! Thank you for running such a fantastic club :-)"
Jen, Glossop
"My 5 & 8 year old’s have absolutely loved their sessions at Forest School this summer holiday. Came home full of stories of the bridge of doom & toasted marshmallows and making new friends also the smell of bonfire in their hair, what’s not to love! They will definitely be returning! Thank you."
Verity, Glossop
"Our 2 sons (6 and 8) have loved every minute of their time with Inside Out Forest School in Glossop, coming home filthy, tired, full of stories and demanding to know when they are going again; I cannot recommend Esther and her team highly enough."
Helen, Glossop
"Alfie had a great time. he had two contrasting days, one hot and sunny and the other a downpour part way through. On both days he came home in high spirits, he had loads of experiences and fun, made new friends and will be back next year."
Terry, Glossop
"It was really really really fun and I loved exploring the forest. There were lots of nice people there that I got to meet and play with. My best activity was making spears."
"Both of my boys experienced Forest School, aged 9 and 6. They had a magnificent time! Every day they came back filthy and exhausted from a full day exploring, and just being children. They were both very eager to go back for more! As a parent, I can't rate Forest School more highly. I know my children were looked after well and completely safe whilst I was at work. The tales they told me when they came home were fascinating! I only which Forest School was about when I was child, I would've loved yo have gone there myself! Thanks so much Esther and crew, another amazing summer making wonderful memories."
Debbie, Leek
"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for offering such an amazing place for kids to have fun, explore and be outdoors! Both my kids have absolutely LOVED forest school...from roasting marshmallows to swinging in hammocks to 'wild wees'!!! I personally love all the pictures and updates you get from Esther as to what the kids have got up to! There really is no where else like it and the kids sleep like babies thank you, we all can't wait for the next one!!"
Antonia, Glossop
"My three children started to do forest school with Esther last September when it was introduced as part of their primary school curriculum. They absolutely love it - they really look forward to the sessions which as a parent I feel are well planned and executed. The lessons are completely age appropriate, tailored to the school topic and best of all lots of fun. My five year old literally jumps up and down with excitement on forest school mornings and then comes home full of stories of deer ears, owls eyes and porridge made over a campfire. My 8 and 10 year olds are equally enthusiastic and have come home talking of creating snow cities and building dens. In a time when schools and children are under so much pressure to perform academically it’s lovely to see my children experiencing a different way to learn and they clearly benefit enormously from it."
Kelly, Glossop

2017 Testimonials

"We can not recommend IO Forest school enough. Our daughter loved every day, running in happy and excited and not wanting to leave. On asking our daughter about her day she described it as an adventure. I went to work happy knowing she was safe and enjoying her outdoor adventure. Absolutely fantastic and great value for money." Judy, Leek

"My daughter loved attending Forest School! Esther's infectious enthusiasm inspires the children to embrace the outdoors. In this technological age, it's so nice to see our children embracing and enjoying nature. Such a fine way to further their confidence and social skills." Anna & Ava

"My little boy, who is 6, was a little apprehensive and unsure at the beginning of the session and said he didn't want to join in and didn't believe in elves. I actually thought I was going to have to take him home... Then Esther and the forest worked their magic! It took just 15 minutes for him to relax in the peaceful forest setting and for him to shout that he had seen an elf. He was mesmorised and became a child transformed. He couldn't wait for his next forest school and talked about it for days." Clare

"There is no better way for a child to learn than through the freedom of exploring the forest. Inside Out Forest School enabled my children to develop confidence, learn new skills and gain independence through the adventure of discovery and taking risks. Whether they were building shelters, carving tent pegs, weaving dream catchers or capturing their imagination in troll slime hunting or elf searching, the sessions offered an abundance of opportunities for the children to learn essential skills in team-building, leadership and co-operation. And the children had tons of fun, and plenty of fresh air and exercise, in the great outdoors!!"  Sarah

"We are a very outdoorsy family and as soon as we heard about Inside Out Forest School we thought it was a brilliant idea. Our two kids spent four days with Esther and the team over the summer holidays, and had an absolute blast. They came home each afternoon absolutely buzzing, looking healthy and full of vitality after spending so much time outdoors. Both of them conquered their fear of bugs in those four days, and the experiences they had have already become part of everyday life – especially when we go camping! We also no longer need to decorate the house thanks to all the artwork they created ;) We’ll definitely be enrolling the kids again – thank you!" Laura, Leek

"Our children had a brilliant (and educational) time at Esther's forest school on Shire Hill. The session was well thought out, engaging for children for a range of ages, and challenged the children. Making tree beds for trolls has become one of our favourite past-times and we will be rebooking with Esther at the next opportunity. Esther balanced the need for authority,safety and control, with a friendly, fun, educational and engaging experience for all the party. I happily recommend Esthers forest school to friends and other parents as a great outdoor experience!" Rachel

"My 4 and 7 year old children absolutely loved their forest school class with Esther. As a teacher myself it was just lovely to see them both completely absorbed in the magic of the session and learning skills that the curriculum just doesn't cover. My daughter's favourite part was building bridges for the elves in the trees and she said the whole experience had made her feel 'joyful!' " Faye

"The Forest school exceeded my expectations - each activity was carefully planned to tap into the childrens' imaginations, the excitement to spot a fairy was palpable! Esther was welcoming and inclusive - is definitely take my daughter again, she is now a fan!" Helen

"Oliver has loved IO forest school so much that he asked if he could an extra day. He has had lots of opportunities to experience the outdoors and natural surroundings. He has made some fantastic things. Oliver talks a lot about the things he did, like building dens, making a fire, toasting marshmallows, making potions, decorating stones, making a dream catcher, bug hunting, telling stories, just to name a few. Esther and the team have created a fantastic experience for the children. It was such a lovely set up too. Esther has thought of everything. It is great value for money when you see the variety of activities that they take part in and the hard work that goes into planning it. I’m glad that this has been a success for Inside out and am very happy that there are more to come. Oliver is booked on for the next holidays and can’t wait to return." Sian, Leek

"Both my boys (5 & 2) have really enjoyed the Forest school sessions. Esther captures the magic of the woods beautifully and makes each session fun and varied. Would thoroughly recommend." Hayley
"Esther's forest school session was so much fun- the kids were enthralled throughout. Esther has the perfect balance of education and play and it's really sparked my kids' interest in nature. In a world where they often pester for iPads/ TV etc, it is so refreshing to see them engaged in the great outdoors." Maddie

"Having attended 3 of Esther's forest school groups on Shire Hill with my 2 boys, I couldn't help but be impressed with her calm and measured approach whilst interacting with the children. Esther clearly plans each session very well ensuring they are a great blend of fun games and outdoor education. Esthers experience as a teacher is clear to see and the kids love her sessions. They will definitely be going again." Andrew

"It's amazing it makes me joyful and happy. I really like making the fairy beds." Heidi Aged 7

"My son has had an amazing time at IO Forest School, I highly recommend it to anyone, I knew from sending my first message to Esther, from the reassurance she gave me that he would get 110% from his time at this camp. My son is on the autistic spectrum and from the start I felt amazed at the effort & time Esther put into her detailed messages, regards to what staff she would have to help & assist my sons extra needs, he’s loved every minute & it’s given him so much input that he needs throughout the day. So Eths and I would like to thank you all for his magical time at Forest School we will be back next holiday." Kayleigh, Glossop

"Forest school- we fantasised about the trolls and fairies for days after our delightful 'troll forest' session. What a truly delightful way to raise and teach our children- through outdoor play with the ability to use make believe and turn that into some truly wonderful and creative work. My daughter already after one session took her dream catcher to school for show and tell. It would be wonderful to see this adapted into the EYFS and as a mother I would stand truly behind this." Kate

 "Esther very ably balanced giving the children the freedom to explore the environment independently with  ensuring they were safe. I would highly recommend Esther’s Forest Schools to everyone she encourages everyone to learn and grow as individuals in the space afforded by the outdoors. The children loved the sessions they had with Esther , they developed their confidence and self esteem." Mrs Littlehailes from St.Lukes COE Primary

Sadie, Age 6

"I just want to say thank you to inside out forest school my daughter indie went yesterday and honestly had the time of her life. She can find the summer holidays quite challenging but dived into forest schools without hesitation. I have not seen her come home so excited about what she had done since nursery and she came home looking truly wild! Thank you so much." Kirsty, Glossop