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About Us

If your memories of childhood are of always being outdoors, having adventures at the bottom of the garden, disappearing off with mates for the whole afternoon into the nearby woods and fields and being told to come home for tea when it was starting to get dark, then you were probably born before the techno age, before we were glued to our phones, tablets and making excuses about what the weather was doing to go out and play.

We live in a culture now where we are so concerned about the safety of our kids outside of our homes that sadly they are missing out on the freedom, adventure and risk taking that we were so unknowingly lucky enough to experience.


Forest school is a long-term programme delivered ideally in a woodland setting or natural space. It provides regular sessions/opportunities for emotional development with a holistic approach that builds on child -led achievable experiences and sense of community. Forest School also facilitates their interaction of the natural world in a positive and magical way where children can learn to manage their own emotions in response to challenges and perceived risks . Sessions are delivered by a qualified Forest School practitioner and include environmental impact assessments and risk benefit analysis’.

Deaf Friendly

Did you know that we're a 'deaf friendly' Forest School? Well yes we are now.

Sarah from our team of staff is a communicator for the deaf. If anyone has a child who would like to participate in any forest school sessions, parties or holiday camps.. Sarah will be on hand to work with and accompany your child. This of course includes adults too. If you are deaf or know anyone who is deaf who would like to book on to one of our retreats, Sarah be on hand all day too.

 We aim to be as inclusive as possible so please get in touch if you have any questions.

Ofsted Registered

Inside Out Forest School Is Ofsted Registered. You can find details on Ofsted's official website