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Thank You Sponsors!

 An ENORMOUS Thank you to all our sponsors!! 

Due to your generosity and kindness, we raised over £2,500 in just 2 weeks. 

The money went straight into our holiday camps and meant that over 80 children were given the chance to experience wonderful fun filled days over the summer in our woods. Some children were given the opportunity to attend multiple days.

The money paid for:

🦊Extra staffing

🦝Taxis to and from camp

🐞Packed lunches

🦠water proofs


🌱fleeces/socks etc

Again, from myself and my team, the Head teachers of all the schools and some charities involved, we just want to say 'thank you'!!!

The feedback from the parents/carers of some of the children that had the opportunity to attend was amazing and heartfelt. These days at camp really made a big impression on the children, they took away with them some incredible memories and I know some are STILL talking about their experiences even now. The days made them (in their own words) happy, healthy, free, joyful, amazing and excited. 

For some it gave them respite, it gave them a chance to be outside in a safe environment, it gave them a chance to make new friends outside of school. They made new skills, they got dirty, they ate well, they were warm, they had fun, they had freedom, they laughed, they were sad when it was home time.

These children...and all of our children this summer at camp put a smile on my face each and every day. I do have the BEST job ever!

Thanks again, 


To find out how you can sponsor a child, click here.