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Thumbs up for Thursday 3rd August 2017- Summer Camp Day 8

Thumbs up for Thursday (named by my daughter Autumn today) 
What an action packed day it has been, I've had to rack my brains as to all the activities we packed in.
Today's icebreaker was 'this is not a stick it's a.....' a very imaginative game inspired by our own little stick book 'not a stick'...oh we could have literally gone on forever with this one but it was a good bit of brain gym to warm us all up- we needed it because today was all about creativity and imagination! 

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We were very lucky to have my good friend and Art teacher Sarah to help us out. Due to the rain this morning, we headed inside and started on our 'Matisse' inspired leaf cut out plates and colourful bugs on a stick for the younger ones. Mandalas were a challenge but the results from the older kids were something truly special. Sweet and savoury quesadillas were prepared for later ( I could live off these now).

As soon as the rain stopped we were off out into Brough park. We learned how to use Loppers safely to cut Elder branches down and these were to come in very handy for later.
Back at camp we picnicked outside, had some free time to explore the beautiful grounds....and it was then that we discovered that 'The Foxlowe little people' were up to their tricks again....pixie potions had appeared in the bushes and flower borders. 

The kids loved making the potions, adding any interesting petals and plants etc that they could find, naming their potions and showing their confidence, imagination and communication skills when talking as a group. 

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There was so much teamwork exhibited today, especially when the older kids paired with the little ones to make friendship bracelets and 'little people' homes. Oh the effort and creativity that went into these....each group created a place for the Elves/fairies to live/play/socialise, afterwards we were treated to a sales pitch that any estate agent in Leek would be envious of. 
In the afternoon we had a rope tying skills session led by Simon (Sarah's other half who's a climber, ex TA and Teacher) while I led small groups at a time on making Elder necklaces again using tools skills as well as fine motor skills to cut, pop the pith out, thread and lace the jewellery. The older ones practiced their fire making skills using shells and some fire steels, some were real pros at this!! The rain held off so we could enjoy our campfire snacks in the sunshine -another day over, chocolatey mouths, sticky fingers, a fab group, gorgeous kids and 5 very shattered adults.