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Little Folk Thursday 27th July 2017- Summer Camp Day 4

Little folk Thursday
The morning started with a tease of blue sky peeping through and ended with thunder and a downpour BUT in good old Forest School form we carried on having fun regardless.
We set off the day with our woodland walk carrying journey sticks, picking up and attaching anything interesting or beautiful that we found on our way. The route was particularly squelchy and sticky today...the highlight being when I slipped 'comedy style' into the 'Bog of Doom'. I stank! The kids found it most amusing though.

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It was a tough climb back up bramble hill but we made it unscathed.
Back to camp for snacks after working up an our astonishment we found Simon asleep (or under some woodland spell??!) covered from head to toe in what looked like colourful string, it was all over the camp, hanging from all the trees. We discussed where this may have come from? who had put it there? what had become of Simon?
Whatever it was, It was perfect for making friendship bracelets out of.
Energy levels now replenished we split into two teams and competed on our forest assault course in the rain...we couldn't get any wetter (so we thought).
Then the sun came out and this was perfect timing to create a bit of nature art for 'Inside Out'.
After a packed lunch around the roaring fire to warm us up, we played a few games, prepped our choc bananas for later and had some free time play. The hammocks are so much of a hit, I have bought 2 more for my next summer camp in August.
In the afternoon we were treated to Charlie giving us a very comprehensive ' show and tell' with his amazing fossil collection that he brought in especially. We loved listening to him. Did you know a T- Rex evolved into a chicken? this inspired us to get out on to the lawn and with some clay we made our own nature print clay impressions.
While the sun was out it was great opportunity to make some new clothes for the woodland folk as they would probably be as drenched as us? We set up a little washing line and designed them a whole new wardrobe.
The choc bananas, hot choc, popcorn and s'mores were very much appreciated later. We never got to finish our elder necklaces or pixie potions due to the hail...but we will next time.
A super group today and a lovely end to a fantastic first week of summer camp. Thanks to all the helpers, Trudy - my wing man, Simon, Rhean, Mollie, Helen and Victoria, you have all been stars
We packed up and left the site bare, ready for my next two weeks in Leek, can't wait!