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Fire Breathing Thursday 10th August 2017 Summer Camp Day 13

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Fire breathing Thursday  πŸ”₯ 

Today was all about THE DRAGONS!!!
Not only a hot theme but a HOT day!! Yay finally the sunshine found our little Leek 🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞

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We were outside from start to finish ( some of the littlies were so pooped they even had a lie down on the tarp in the shade for a bit of shut eye 😴)
We had a big group today 17 in total and what a smasher of a tribe they were! After our intros and boundary walk we entered 'spider garden' to find to our dismay that the little people's villages and playgrounds from yesterday had been disturbed and lay broken. A quick check of the area gave vital clues away...I knew instantly what it was...colourful 'what looked like string' hung from trees and fences, it could only be one thing..dragons had been here!!!! 😱 😑 😱 😑

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It was safe to say they were gone and the coast was clear, we collected the 'dragons breath' up, now it had hardened it was great to make friendship bracelets with.
After this the group split and the younger ones sat around on the lawn creating 'armour' to protect themselves against dragons, while the older ones worked with Sarah to design some very intricate and beautiful fire inspired mandalas. 

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The usual bug hunting took place- the frog appeared again πŸ‘ 🐸Lee very kindly turned up with a bag of snake skins that had been shed from his own pet snakes 😝 😜( Sarah was not best pleased to see these!!) but they arrived just as we were discussing Dragon skin and scales. 

The little ones also made some peanut butter bird feeders too. Lunch was super, beautiful blue skies chilling and eating our picnics on the gorgeous Foxlowe lawns. After lunch I decided to take a chance with making some 'pinterest' inspired chocolate cake mix oranges that were to be cooked on our campfire. The children worked in groups of 4/5 to scoop out the centres and fill with 'Betty crocker' cake mix ( a bit of a cheat I know πŸ˜‰). The 'little people' houses, wells, hairdressers, hotels were resurrected to some fabulous end products-just hope the dragons don't come back!?!

In the afternoon we went on a lovely walk around Brough Park collecting interesting nature findings to use for our clay art. Once back at camp Aly my forest School leader friend and her puppy dog Ned (3 months old) had got the fire going and our orange cake snacks were being lined up ready to bake πŸ‘ πŸ€— πŸ”₯

In the shade of the late afternoon we made clay warrior jewellery/medallions and little forest folk. 

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Then we all came together to enjoy our orange cakes....which I was astounded to find were a BIG success all well as toasting the usual smores. Crikey we packed a lot in today but the sunshine and the imagination of our tribe was 'wow' and certainly made it a day to remember. We said goodbye to some wonderful children who have been with us all week. Another top day and tomorrow will be our last in Leek