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Farewell Friday 18th August 2017- Summer Camp Day 19

'Farewell Friday' 😒
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There was no other name for it of course! A day with sunshine, clouds, thunder, lightening, rain and a rainbow...a fantastic last day!  πŸ‘ 🌿 ⛺️ πŸƒtopped off with Adair and Jonty's mum baking a lemon drizzle cake for us! 

So today was all about celebrating FS. Some children had come for the whole week and some had just come for a day, either way we treated this last day as something special.
When we began our usual introductions, I asked the kids this question- 'if they could choose any 3 people to ask to come to their party, who would they be?'( These could be alive or dead, cartoon, film, book characters, friends, family or famous people)... we of course got some crackers!! 

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Instead of a game we leapt straight into a scavenger hunt- 8 things listed to find and put in their bags- one was a worm 😝!!
After this we decided to head off on our woodland walk, the newbies needed to see what this 'BOG of DOOM' was all about and after all the rain, would the stream be passable??
We left Simon to man the camp, strange things had been going on in the last few days and he needed to keep an eye out!! πŸ˜†

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The walk was pretty treacherous BUT we made it through, lots of mucky hands and knees but always great fun...I'll certainly miss climbing up ropes at 10am every morning!!
Different from most days today we had a morning fire and made toast ( with different spreads) and eggy bread fried over the roaring logs. These were delicious and most people had seconds. We then set back off into the exit route of the woods to find 3 Sticks each for our afternoon activity.

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We sped back to camp as our bellies were rumbling...Simon was no where to be seen  😱but then....we spotted him lay down on his back at the back of the Fire circle...was he okay?? The kids raced over shouting his name. It was all fine, he started moving, he was awake. What on earth had happened?? He said he had heard a noise in the bushes and went off to investigate and the next thing he knew, he felt a prick on his ankle and then he woke up!!
Colourful strings of Wool lay all over him and were hanging from trees. What were they? We set about camp to collect up one of each colour and then back to the activity shelter to discuss the incident. The kids really went with this..their vivid imaginations produced such wonderful and wild explanations as to what had happened to Simon and who were the instigators? This is the part I love the most about this job  😍 😍 😍kids being kids and letting their creativity flow. It was all taken very seriously and everyone respected their peers' views without even mocking. Overall we suspected it was either evil elves who had been playing tricks on us or little fairies who were leaving us gifts. Anyway we decided to work in pairs to make friendship bracelets.

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After lunch we had free time hammock swinging, bug hunting or trail blazing- the pile of Chippings has finally gone ( it only took us a week!!)
The clouds started to come over, dark clouds and then thunder. We decided it was a good idea to take a short 'rain check' and head indoors to escape the lightening. Inside we carried on with our stick weaving. We taught the children how to make a 'clove hitch' and use square lashings...with some very good results! The storm blew over quickly and we were soon outside again making finishing touches to our hangings before it was time for hot choc and cake!

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Simon taught us a new Forest School camp fire song ( see video Posted below) which was ace 😍 πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘
Then it was sadly time for our final marshmallow toasting, lip smacking s'mores and reflection. The question being 'what was their best part of camp and would they come again??'

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And with my final words camp was over for summer '17 😭 😭 😭
Thanks to all the wonderful kids that have attended our summer camp in Leek and Glossop and made it so special, such imaginative, kind, considerate and very creative kids, for the super parents who have been very supportive and given fab feedback and reviews.
Thanks to all my helpers over the last 4 weeks - lorna and Ian Tatton, Sue Strong, Lee Morgan and Clare, Jo Dargen, Helen Jenkinson and Tiff, Sarah Sims, Sarah Breen and Simon Crum, Aly Park, Emma Green and Sarah Bloomer~ Leek Crew
Simon Holmes, MOllie and Rhean, Helen Abel, Victoria Friess, Faye Hockey, Rachel Monteath and Clare Proctor, and not forgetting my wing man Trudy  😘 😘
I could not have pulled this off without you all and your time and your support!
Last thanks goes out to my mum and dad for babysitting Elwood ( my 17 month old ) . For Autumn and Willow my two daughters who have followed me to Forest School everyday, never moaned, always got stuck in and enjoyed every second of it ( I think??, well they kept on coming anyway 😜) -and of course the big man himself- my rock, my hubby Tony for all his help and time behind the scenes, putting up camp, taking down camp, chopping & sawing wood, babysitting and just generally keeping the family going while I have had my head 100% into something else.
It's being the toughest thing I have ever done BUT I set out to do it, I had an idea and I made it happen. This is now just the start of 'Inside Out'.
Signing off for a well earned sleep and rest. Newsletter and updates for September to follow....