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Meet our new Forest School Family...we are growing..

The Inside Out Forest School family is growing!

A big welcome to our new Forest School assistants. The new fab 4 are:

Victoria Friess

Victoria has a BEd degree in Early Childhood Studies, has taught main stream nursery and reception for 1 year and SEN for 6 years. She is an Early Years Primary Teacher at The Peak School in Chinley. Victoria will be on hand whenever we may need her input and experience. She is mum to Jack (4) and Lucy (1). I first met Victoria when I was studying Autism at MMU and volunteered with her at Peak School.

Mollie Salt

Mollie Salt is 23 and is going to be starting her PGCE and training to become a teacher in September at Derby University. She studied Animal Behaviour and Welfare at The Agricultural and Rural Centre in Romiley and soon realised it was her love of working with the children who had special needs, that came to ride and meet the animals, that actually ignited her passion of going down the route of working in education. Mollie likes to read and knit when... she hasn't got her hands full looking after her 6 month old dream baby (YES he sleeps through!!) Lucas. Hats off to you Mollie for juggling parenthood and her studies.She will be joining us for as many days she can get childcare over the two week period in Glossop.

Simon Holmes

Simon started his Forest School Journey in 2014 when he started to volunteer at Duke of Norfolk Primary school in Glossop with their FS sessions. He was already working in the school as a volunteer Teaching assistant from 2013. In 2015 he became a paid TA and now works as an Earlybirds supervisor as well as being a midday supervisor (yes that's a male dinner lady). His hobbies are reading, playing computer games and art. I have seen some of his paintings and I can tell you, he is very talented…. They are VERY good indeed, maybe we’ll get him to paint the view  overlooking Glossop from our base camp? He is trained in paediatric first aid as well as having a level 3 diploma in Supporting in teaching and learning in schools. Simon has a 10 year old  daughter Molly-Anne and will be joining us most days at camp.

Rhean Hallows

Rhean is 22 and is also studying to become a teacher and will be starting at Manchester Met uni in September.She has a degree in Physcology and has had experience prior to Forest School camps with working with the children at Simmondley Primary School and St Andrew's Juniors in Hadfield. Her hobbies include hiking in the hills and keeping fit in the gym. Rhean has already shown us she can get stuck in at Forest school by putting up some DIY storage -Yay! She will be joining us most days at camp.